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Campus Activity | Harborcreek Youth Services

Therapeutic Recreation - Harborcreek Youth ServicesThrough Harborcreek Youth Services' Campus Activity Program, our clients' time is filled with meaningful, activity, events and interactions.

Activities of the program emphasize and encourage:

  • Teamwork
  • Sportsmanship
  • Skill development
  • Positive sense of self and community.

Recreation occurs in a non-competitive environment that offers opportunities for clients to perform and to develop their abilities in a variety of activities.

Campus Activity is included in treatment planning and provides for any or all of the following:

  • Opportunities for creativity, social expression, and emotional growth
  • Positive social experiences and interpersonal relationships
  • Development of motor and cognitive skills, balance and coordination
  • Outlets for stress and aggression
  • Increased ability to tolerate frustration
  • Development of confidence and self-esteem.

Activities include a football team, arts and crafts, board games, aerobic exercise and a variety of games and contests designed to enhance the clients' physical coordination and/or mental health. All activities are scheduled and organized by a recreation supervisor and are implemented by the treatment staff. Community resources include parks, museums and theaters. Clients may also participate in intramural sports and other recreation-related activities.

For more information about our Campus Activity, contact Len Lombardo, Director of Service Delivery, at (814) 899-7664, Extension 307.

Tickets For Kids - Harborcreek Youth Services

Tickets For Kids

Some of the activities enjoyed by our clients are sponsored by Tickets for Kids Charities, a nonprofit organization that donates tickets to cultural, educational and sporting events to lower-income children and their families. To date, Tickets for Kids has distributed over one million tickets nationwide. To learn more about Tickets for Kids Charities, click here or on the logo below.