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Mental Health Services | Harborcreek Youth Services

At Harborcreek Youth Services, clinical services are a major part of each client’s treatment program. Upon admission, each youth is assigned a master’s level clinician who serves as the leader of his treatment team. Treatment therapists assess the youth’s treatment needs and develop an Individual Treatment Plan (ITP). They monitor treatment progress and coordinate treatment services through regular quarterly treatment reviews. Each client participates in weekly individual therapy and group counseling five days per week. Clinical staff provides case management and specialized individual and/or group therapy when indicated by the treatment team.

Psychiatric Services

Psychiatric services are available to all clients at the recommendation of the treatment team. These services may provide evaluations, assessments, diagnoses, consultations, medication monitoring and/or treatment. Psychotropic medication intervention and management are available to those clients for whom they are indicated.

Psychological Services

Psychological services are available to all clients and include evaluation, assessment, diagnoses, consultation and/or treatment as determined necessary by the treatment team. Psychological evaluations may provide information regarding intellectual functioning, achievement levels and personality traits or problem identification. Psychological consultation is available to the treatment team to assist in modifying treatment plans, anticipating future needs, maintaining gains or preventing further deterioration.

Individual, Group and Family Therapy

Therapy - Harborcreek Youth ServicesHarborcreek Youth Services’ treatment program integrates individual, group and family therapy with recreation therapy, education and vocational training to provide a total treatment milieu for our clients. In addition, highly specialized courses of treatment are provided for clients who are sex offenders or who have a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse.

Clients participate in regularly scheduled individual and group therapy. The length and frequency of the groups varies according to need and curriculum. A master’s level clinician and treatment staff conduct all therapy sessions and specialized groups. Treatment staff work under the clinical direction of the therapists when providing counseling and other group services.

Harborcreek Youth Services' treatment philosophy strongly encourages family participation in the treatment process. We expect our clients’ parents to participate in planning, implementing and evaluating our clients’ treatment. In addition, we facilitate regularly scheduled support groups for parents of clients.

Regular family visitation time is on Sundays from 1 PM to 4 PM, or at other times by request. We offer no-cost, twice-monthly bus transportation from Allegheny County to Harborcreek Youth Services on Sundays so parents can visit their sons and participate in family therapy. In addition, we deliver family therapy in the family home whenever possible. (In-home therapy is not always possible, due to the constraints of distance or the inability of the client to safely participate in family therapy in his own home without jeopardizing the treatment process.)

For more information about  behavioral health services at Harborcreek Youth Services, contact Shari Gross, Director of Behavioral Health Services, at (814) 899-7664, Extension 386.