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Life Skills / Programming | Harborcreek Youth Services

Youth reside in one of five campus units based upon individual, mental health, and behavioral needs. Consideration is given to chronological and developmental age as well as social functioning level. HYS provides programs and intensive treatment in every unit and operates with a system of points and privileges embedded in a greater structure of treatment-driven, trauma-focused programming.

In addition to clinical therapy, a resident's routine would include:

  • Life Skills / Programming - Harborcreek Youth ServicesThree community meetings per day
  • Skill-building Psycho-education group
  • Point and problem-solving group
  • Morning/evening chores and laundry service
  • Afternoon and evening recreation activities and/or community service
  • Complete dining services, coordinated by our on-site chef
  • Access to a medical department with licensed nurses
  • On-site, monthly check-ups with their Primary Care Physician
  • Medical appointment scheduling and transportation
  • Supervised family visitation hours
  • On-site campus minister; both Catholic and non-denominational Sunday church services

Community Service

Community service is at the heart of Harborcreek Youth Services' therapeutic programs. In 2016-2017 alone, HYS residents completed over 8,917 hours of community service! Residents of HYS have many different opportunities to serve the local community. For over 20 years, our residents have been lending support and interacting with the community which helps our residents develop empathy for others and are a win-win for the youth, residents, and seniors with whom they work.

ARISE Life Skills

ARISE lessons are ideal for youth with varying achievement levels and learning needs, so they are perfect for frustrated, bored, or hard-to-handle youth. The activities encourage learners to use their imagination and natural creativity; they build on passions and interests. The ARISE group lessons foster discussion, debate and personal expression, so that every participant can contribute, learn, and experience success.

Skill Building and Recreational Activities

With over 50 acres of open land, Harborcreek Youth Services has plenty of room for boys to enjoy the great outdoors. Specialized athletic fields for football, softball, soccer, volleyball, basketball and horseshoes, as well as a full-sized swimming pool, ensure that residents have plenty of on-site choices. These are combined with indoor recreational activities that encourage teamwork, develop self-esteem, provide healthy ways to burn off excess energy, and to just have fun! Our residents also attend local semi-pro and college-level sporting events such as basketball, hockey, and baseball games.

A New Freedom

A New Freedom curriculum is offered in our residential units to address the emotional management needs of our youth. A New Freedom addresses the most critical personal, environmental and community risk factors and builds on the most important protective factors and assets. They are built on evidence-based concepts of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational enhancement (MET), motivational interviewing (MI), the social learning model and key coping and problem solving skills for relapse prevention (self-efficacy).