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Welcome to the our Family News & Updates Page! This is a space where we'll make updates about friends and family members of Harborcreek Youth Services' residents, Treatment Foster Care Families, and Multisystemic Therapy teams with happenings around campus and in our HYS community. We have a variety of great events thoughout the year, and we hope this page will help you stay in touch with the amazing things your kids are doing through our programs. 

Putting Sanctuary Into Practice: Open Communication

Posted on April 5th, 2018 at 12:15 PM
Putting Sanctuary Into Practice: Open Communication

Understanding Open Communication

Harborcreek Youth Services (HYS) is a Sanctuary certified organization. One of the seven commitments of the Sanctuary model is a commitment to Open Communication. At present, HYS is emphasizing the importance of open communication in all facets of our work. This includes activities for our youth to teach and model open communication skills as well as a review for staff in all departments on how to perpetuate a culture of open communication.

As you likely know, open communication is a necessary ingredient for family life as well. Open communication is saying what we mean but not being mean in the way we say it. This balance can take practice.

Why Practice Open Communication?

Open communication removes barriers to healthy communication, reduces acting-out, enhances self-protective and self-correcting skills and teaches healthy boundaries.

Why is Open Communication Important? 

Only if we are committed to open communication can we effectively work out our problems, resolve conflict and help support each other. Unresolved conflict always settles on other people and affects how we work together as a team (another term for this is collective disturbance). We have to be courageous enough to speak openly.

Open communication is saying what we mean and not being mean in the way we say it. Everyone must have the power to speak their own truth & resolve conflict as individuals and as a team. It gives everyone a chance to share and express his or her own thoughts or feelings with confidence.

How Can I Practice Open Communication?

One of the most common tools for achieving open communication is the use of “I” statements or “I” messages. This link will lead to a website that explains these statements and how they are intended to be used. If you'd like to practice on your own, you can download an “I” statement worksheet here to practice constructing these messages.