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Treatment Philosophy | Harborcreek Youth Services

Visitors are advised that any information the website or Internet service provider collects, with or without their knowledge, will not be misused.

The staff of Harborcreek Youth Services believe that our clients have the right to:

  • Interact with staff and peers based on mutual respect and dignity
  • Self-determination in meeting individualized treatment goals
  • Responsible participation in decision-making that affects their lives
  • Active participation in Balanced Approach/Restorative Justice (BARJ).
  • Be notified of how protected health information about them may be used and disclosed and how they can get access to this information. Click here to read Harborcreek Youth Services' Notice of Privacy Practices

Kids of Harborcreek Youth Services having fun on Sanctuary Celebration Day.

Our responsibility is to help our clients build on their strengths and resources to:

  • Cope with the problems that led to their placement
  • Manage the problems they are currently experiencing
  • Develop adequate life skills
  • Make good decisions, both now and in the future
  • Reconnect safely and productively with their families and communities


Our goal is to create a healthy peer group culture and a positive living environment that enhances our clients':

  • Interactions and relationships with adults, family members and communities
  • Communication with adults and peers
  • Ability to form positive relationships
  • Decision-making, anger management and coping skills
  • Personal and family safety
  • Willingness to accept responsibility and consequences for inappropriate behaviors
  • Self-image and self-respect