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Financial Management, Statements and Supplemental Information 


It takes dedication and teamwork in all of the different positions and departments to achieve our goals and to help our clients succeed in life.  The Fiscal Department at Harborcreek Youth Services is an integral part of the agency’s core mission. In response to that mission and as part of the agency’s commitment to the Sanctuary Model, the Fiscal Department of HYS has a quest to make the financial information of the agency more streamlined, user-friendly and transparent while at the same time safeguarding the agency’s assets with an emphasis on financial viability.


Some of those areas include:

  • Involving management staff and the Board of Directors in the budgeting process.
  • Completing monthly unit cost analyses of all units to monitor the cost of care vs. potential revenue.
  • Including financial data in the Performance Quality Initiative (PQI) program and reviewing the audit and quarterly statements with the various groups.
  • Calculating fixed vs. variable costs along with direct and indirect expenditures so that we may more easily determine a break-even point.
  • Constantly monitoring costs and conditions for potential surpluses and/or losses as well as being proactive in an approach to correct vs. being reactive.
  • Involving staff in the decision-making process and directly communicating with them when the need arises for conservation in terms of financial resources.
  • Maximizing revenue through optimal utilization of facilities and resources.
  • Closely monitoring the grant revenue to ensure efficient utilization. 
  • Issuing Request for Proposals for contract items.

The overall health of the finances of the organization remains strong.

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Funding Sources

Currently, the Agency receives funding from Medical Assistance, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, various Counties, various School Districts, various grants, donations, and fundraising activities.  Funding sources also include Managed Care Organizations such as Community Care Behavioral Health Organization (CCBHO), PerformCare, Value Behavioral Health (VBH), Magellan Behavioral Health, Community Behavioral Health (CBH), and the Pennsylvania Medical Assistance Fee for Service Program. 

The Chief Executive Officer, in consultation with the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors, releases preliminary operating budgets for each fiscal year to be prepared and submitted to the Board of Directors of the corporation for its consideration and approval. Below is a summary of our 20-21 budget.