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Giving a Voice to Kids After Trauma: 
HYS' Therapeutic Arts Initiative

“The healing we have witnessed of the kids served by the passionate and dedicated staff and administration of HYS is truly inspiring. Vikki and I have been blessed with art, music and sport throughout our lives and know it will provide another resource to help these traumatized kids thrive. We pray our gift motivates others to continue to donate so that Harborcreek Youth Services can provide these life-changing therapies.” 

- Vikki & Larry Serafin (HYS Board Member)
Lead Donors, HYS Therapeutic Arts Initiative


 For 105 years, we’ve been part of the Erie community. While our services have grown and changed, our mission has not: we help kids succeed. We are a nationwide leader in psychiatric residential treatment providing trauma-informed care services.  

In addition, our Community Programs help families plus boys and girls ages five and up through Therapeutic Foster Care and Multisystemic Therapy. The children in all our programs have experienced trauma and require the highest level of Behavioral Health Care. Now, with the help of Mercyhurst University, we're implementing programs in Art, Music, and Movement Therapy in addition to our Writer's Group Program. This new collaboration gives opportunities to Mercyhurst students to hone their craft while allowing kids receiving treatment to approach their trauma in a healthy, constructive way through these Expressive Therapy programs.

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WE HAVE AN OPPORTUNITY to help Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable kids – many who have experienced the unthinkable. What is the answer? Research shows again and again that children who have suffered trauma benefit from expressive therapies as a way to give a “voice” to those who have none.

Art, Music, and Movement Therapies are evidence-based, therapeutic treatments that help children who:

  • Have experienced both acute and chronic levels of trauma
  • Have experienced the devastating effects of severe emotional problems
  • Have difficulty in dealing with loss, separation, and social isolation
  • Have challenges in expressing emotions, and;
  • Experience blockages in learning, social-skill development, and the development of quality leisure time activities.

In addition, we have an exciting ongoing wrtiting initiative where our kids here can join "Writer's Group" and publish a quarterly magazine called The Haven. Expressive therapies are an invaluable, innovative way to reach kids who deserve to have hope.

These therapies are more than just recreational activities: they are state-of-the-art programming initiatives that no one else in the region is offering. Harborcreek Youth Services does what no one else can do: we help kids that have failed at other institutions, have nowhere else to go, and no other options for their care. 

Listen to What They've Already Made!

 WE NEED YOUR HELP providing these cutting-edge therapies. As Archbishop Gannon, Monsignor Hastings, the Knights of Columbus, and so many others believed, your donation of any amount will make a difference in a child’s life.

All funds raised will go directly towards helping us fund the programming and supplies for this innovative treatment. This advanced, trauma-focused Initiative is a direct investment in the future and sustainability of our agency and in our ability to fulfill a critical gap in treatment options. Thank You for Your Support!

Donating only takes a minute,
but the results will last a lifetime!  

Harborcreek Youth Services is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and all contributions are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Thank you!

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