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Performance and Quality Improvement Program 

In 2006, Harborcreek Youth Services initiated an agency-wide Performance and Quality Improvement (PQI) Program. The program is designed to promote the delivery of quality services and to assist the agency in its efforts to achieve strategic and program goals.

Specifically, Harborcreek Youth Services continually monitors:

  • Management and operations systems
  • Key quality factors in its service delivery program
  • Program outcomes
  • Client satisfaction
  • Client outcomes

Harborcreek Youth Services has developed goals and accompanying ideal outcomes for 2014. Internal agency sub-committees are meeting regularly and reviewing quality issues central to the agency and its mission, including input from external stakeholders and community members. A quarterly Performance Scorecard, measuring gains made against goals, is updated regularly.

Quality service delivery to agency clients can only be achieved in an atmosphere that promotes respect for all constituents, includes all stakeholders, and demonstrates a commitment to performance-based measures and accountability. Harborcreek Youth Services promotes the statistical analysis of program and management "key measures" to ensure best practice and a quality client service environment.

Performance improvement efforts are designed to be comprehensive in nature and reflect primary agency values, including the following:

  • A commitment to continuous and consistent quality improvement
  • A commitment to the implementation of evidence-supported services
  • A commitment to a collaborative planning process reflecting the involvement of clients, staff and community stakeholders.

For more information, contact John Petulla, Chief Executive Officer, at (814) 899-7664, Ext. 309.


Fraud, Waste and Abuse

Harborcreek Youth Services has zero tolerance for the commission or concealment of acts of fraud, waste or abuse. Allegations of such acts will be investigated and pursued to their logical conclusion, including dismissal and/or legal action where warranted. Contact information for reporting fraud and abuse anonymously is listed below. Harborcreek Youth Services also maintains an anonymous phone number dedicated to address any suspected violations of law, regulations or policy. A voice recorded message will ask you to provide specific information to ensure all concerns are reviewed quickly, confidentially, and appropriately.

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